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    Thank you for your interest in joining the Peejamas' Affiliate program, where you can earn commission on all sales you bring in and share special promotions with your community! 

    If you're here, we assume you're probably a parent (or know a lot of them) about to embark on a potty training journey. And what's more? You're ready and eager to ditch diapers for an alternative that isn't as wasteful or expensive.

    At Peejamas, our jammies are:

    • Eco-friendlyOne pair of Peejamas eliminates 18lbs of waste in landfills and can be washed 300+ times
    • Wallet-friendly: Peejamas may seem expensive upfront, until you realize how much you've been spending on diapers
    • Kid-friendly: Our cozy patented jammies are made from certifiably safe (bamboo) fabrics 100% safe for contact with your child's skin
    We'd love to work together! Sign up using the form on this page and we'll be in touch. Questions? Email [email protected]

    Peejamas offers a commission on all before-tax purchases made using the provided affiliate link. We offer a 30-day cookie window and the commission will be calculated based on the pre-tax price at checkout (after discount). 

    Bidding on Peejamas branded keywords or trademarks is prohibited.

    Affiliate payouts are sent out monthly through PayPal.

    These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

    Bidding on Peejamas branded keywords or trademarks is prohibited.